One Day Course on The Effective Use of Research Tools and Resource

One Day

The Effective Use of
Research Tools and Resource

7 September 2013 (Saturday)
Wisma R&D Universiti Malaya
8.30am – 5:30pm
Dr. Nader Ale Ebrahim
RM180 (normal rate) – payment from 7 August 2013 until closing date
1. Introduction
The search can be time consuming and sometimes tedious task. How can make it easier? How do deal with situations such as:

“I just join as new postgraduate students and I am not sure how to do a literature search”
“I have been in research for some time now but I spend a lot of time to get the articles I want”
“I am sure I have downloaded the article but I am not able to find it”
“I wanted to write a new paper, how can I manage the references in the shortest possible time?”
“I have many references, some of my old papers, and some of my current research. Sometimes, they are so many that I can’t recall where I have kept them in my folders!”
“I have written an article and I am not able to find a proper Journal”
“I want to increase the citation of my papers, how do I do?”

We need an effective search strategy can save hours of wasted research time and provide a clear direction for your research. The benefits of attending this workshop are numerous and include learning how to change the direction of searching to discover and how to use more efficient the tools that are available through the Net.

2. Objective
The workshop seeks to serve the following objectives:

To help students who seek to reduce the search time by expanding the knowledge of researchers to more effectively use the “tools” that are available through the Net.*
To evaluate the types of literature that researchers will encounter.
To convert the information on the search for a written document.
To help researchers learn how to search and analyze the right journal to submit.
To promote their publication for further citation.

* For more information on this workshop, see the Research Tools web page.

These two session workshops in one day, aim to help research students in order to reduce research time by developing researcher knowledge to use more effectively the “Tools” which are available through the net. Research Tools is the skill to understand and use information technology tools to carry out research, including the use of discipline-related software and online resources.
The online “Research Tools” box is included over 700 tools. However, the speaker tries to introduce all necessary tools to postgraduate students in a simple and applicable way.

3. Who should attend?
The workshop is aimed at postgraduate students, young academics and researchers who have started his/her research and would like to increase the effectiveness of the research. The e-skills learned from the workshop are useful across various research disciplines and research institutions. Participants should have the requisite computer skills prior to taking the workshop.

4. Tentative program

Time Activity
8:30am Registration
9:00am Introduce “Research Tools” Box
9:15am Developing a search strategy, Finding keyword
9:30am Finding proper articles,
9:45am Evaluate a paper/journal quality
10:00am To do an effective literature search
10:30am Tea break 1
11:00am Keeping up-to-date (Alert system)
11:15am Mind mapping tools
11:30am The paraphrasing & editing tool
11:45am Indexing desktop search tool
12:30pm Lunch break
2:00pm Avoid plagiarism
2:30pm Organize the references (Reference management) tool
2:45pm Target suitable journal
3:10pm The impact factor-Journal ranking
3:15pm Getting published
3:30pm Tea break 2
4:00pm Promote your publication to get more citation
4:30pm H-index importance
5:00pm Document-publishing tools
5:30pm Q&A and closing
Speaker Biodata Ale Ebrahim has a PhD degree from the University of Malaya. He has over 19 years experience in the technology management and new product development in different companies. Nader is active in sharing his research finding by conducting a series of workshops in UM, UiTM, UKM, UPM, MMU, IIUM and UTM. Nader developed a new method about using the “Research Tools” which help students who seek to reduce the search time by expanding the knowledge of researchers to more effectively use the “tools” that are available through the Net. He awarded as a Winner of Refer-a-Colleague Competition and received prizes from Thomson Reuters. Nader is well-known as the founder of “Research Tools” Box and developer of “Publication Marketing Tools”.
Registration fees cover refreshments and lunch. All fees must be fully paid before commencement of the course; otherwise participant will not be allowed to enter the lecture hall. Reservation/booking by fax or email of intending participants is acceptable with payment being forwarded before the closing date. If a place is reserved and the intended participants failed to attend the course on the date of the event the fee is to be settled in full. Completed registration form accompanied by evidence of payment slip should reach the organizer not later than
4 September 2013.
The fee paid is non-refundable. However substitution of participant(s) will be permitted. In view of the limited places available, intending participants are advised to send their registration as early as possible so as to avoid disappointment. The organizer reserves the right to alter or change the programme due to unforeseen circumstances. Every effort will be made to inform the registered participants of any changes.

If you require further details or clarifications kindly contact the organizer:

Contact Us
Malaysian Postgraduate Workshop Series (MPWS) : + 6012 561 3420

About Nader Ale Ebrahim

Nader Ale Ebrahim has Technology Management PhD degree from the Department of Engineering Design and Manufacture, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya. He holds a Master of Science in the mechanical engineering from University of Tehran with distinguished honors, as well as more than 17 years experience in the establishing R&D department in different companies, project director and project coordinator and Knowledge based system implemented in R&D department. His current research interests are focused on managing virtual new product development teams in SMEs R&D centers. His papers/articles have presented in the several Journals and conferences. Nader Ale Ebrahim is worldwide well-known as the founder of “Research Tools” Box. "Research Tools" box is designed to help students who seek to reduce the search time by expanding the knowledge of researchers to more effectively use the "tools" that are available through the Net.
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